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Jun Li

Research Interest

I did some research work during my Master in China in the field of luminescence properties for rare-earth ions doped three-dimensional ordered macroporous materials. From that time, I started to know how interesting the luminescent material is. 

When coming to Lund for PhD study, I choose the organo-halide perovskite materials as my research topic because it is playing an important role in the field of solar cells.  As is known that the how to take a better advantage of the solar energy has already become a problem which can not wait anymore. By studying this material, I hope I can get some idea for this problem. On the other hand, organo-halide perovskite is also a perfect luminescent material. which match my previous interest. The super-resolution optical microscope provide me an unique way to observe this materials as well as this world. 


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Jun Li(Bruce)


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