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Alexander Dobrovolsky

Research Interest

Current Projects

Optical spectroscopy of individual semiconductor nanowires

Former projects

Selected Publications

A. Dobrovolsky, A. Merdasa, E.L. Unger, A. Yartsev, I.G. Scheblykin, “Defect-induced local variation of crystal phase transition temperature in metal-halide perovskites,” Nature Communications 8, 34 (2017).

D. Täuber, A. Dobrovolsky, R. Camacho, I.G. Scheblykin, “Exploring the electron band structure of organometal halide perovskite via photoluminescence anisotropy of individual nanocrystals,” Nano Lett. 16 (8), 5087 (2016).

A. Dobrovolsky, P.O.Å. Persson, S. Sukrittanon, Y.J. Kuang, C.W. Tu, W.M. Chen, I.A. Buyanova, “Effects of polytypism on optical properties and band structure of individual Ga(N)P nanowires from correlative spatially resolved structural and optical studies,” Nano Lett. 15 (6), 4052 (2015).

J.E. Stehr, A. Dobrovolsky, S. Sukrittanon, Y.J. Kuang, C.W. Tu, W.M. Chen, I.A. Buyanova, “Optimizing GaNP coaxial nanowires for efficient light emission by controlling formation of surface and interfacial defects,” Nano Lett. 15 (1), 242 (2015).

A. Dobrovolsky, S. Sukrittanon, Y. Kuang, C.W. Tu, W.M. Chen, I.A. Buyanova, “Energy upconversion in GaP/GaNP core/shell nanowires for enhanced near-infrared light harvesting,” Small 10 (21), 4403 (2014).

Alexander Dobrovolsky