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Daniel Finkelstein-Shapiro

Research Interest


Nonlinear spectroscopy of systems described by Hamiltonians with continuous spectrum. 

Selected Publications


Finkelstein-Shapiro, D., Poulsen, F., Pullerits, T., Hansen, T. Coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy of a Fano model. Phys. Rev. B., 2016, 94, 205137

Finkelstein-Shapiro, D.; Calatayud-Antonino, M.; Atabek, O.; Mujica, V.; Keller, A. Non-linear Fano Interferences in Open Quantum Systems: an Exactly Solvable Model Phys. Rev. A., 2016, 93, 063414

Finkelstein-Shapiro, D.; Urdaneta, I.; Calatayud-Antonino, M.; Atabek, O.; Mujica, V.; Keller, A. Fano-Liouville Spectral Signatures in Open Quantum Systems. 2015Phys. Rev. Lett., 2015, 115, 113006

Daniel Finkelstein-Shapiro

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