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Marina Gerhard

Research Interest

My research interests focus on novel light harvesting systems for solar energy conversion. In recent years, several material classes such as organic donor/acceptor systems and metal halide perovskites have yielded remarkable power conversion efficiencies, but the underlying mechanisms of charge generation, trapping and material degradation still need to be understood in greater detail. Photoluminescence spectroscopy is a powerful technique to unravel potential losses in a light harvesting material. Moreover, when combined with optical microscopy and super-resolution techniques, it gives us the opportunity to study processes with high spatial resolution and beyond ensemble averaging.

Selected Publications


Title: "Temperature and Energy-Dependent Separation of Charge-Transfer States in PTB7-Based Organic Solar Cells"

Authors: Gerhard, M., Arndt, A. P., Howard, I. A., Rahimi-Iman, A., Lemmer, U., Koch, M.

Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Year: 2015

doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b09842


 Title: "Time-Resolved Charge-Transfer State Emission in Organic Solar Cells: Temperature and Blend Composition Dependence of Interfacial Traps"

Authors: Arndt, A. P., Gerhard, M., Quintilla, A., Howard, I. A., Koch, M., Lemmer, U.

Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Year: 2015

doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b03507



Scheblykin Group


    Office: OHI 192-195