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Iulia Minda

Research Interests

  • Ultrafast spectroscopy
    • Femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy
    • Multidimensional spectroscopy
  • Photoinduced charge dynamics
    • Electron injection processes in dye sensitised solar cells
    • Recombination dynamics in perovskite solar cells
    • Hot electron injection in plasmonic light conversion devices

Current Project

Mechanism and kinetics of hot electron injection from plasmonic metal nanoparticles into contacted semiconductor upon laser illumination.

Selected Publications

Title: Identification of different pathways of electron injection in dye-sensitised solar cells of electrodeposited ZnO using an indoline sensitiser

Authors: Iulia Minda, Essraa Ahmed, Vivien Sleziona, Christoph Richter, Max Beu, Jane Falgenhauer, Hidetoshi Miura, Derck Schlettwein, Heinrich Schwoerer

Journal: PCCP

Year: 2016

doi: 10.1039/C5CP07841E

Title: Ultrafast charge-transfer reactions of indoline dyes with anchoring alkyl chains of varying length in mesoporous ZnO solar cells

Authors: Egmont Rohwer, Iulia Minda, Gabriele Tauscher, Christoph Richter, Hidetoshi Miura, Derck Schlettwein, Heinrich Schwoerer

Journal: ChemPhysChem

Year: 2015

doi: 10.1002/cphc.201500197


Iulia Minda


Office: 0HI 195-198 (Kemicentrum)