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Nils Rosemann

Research Interests


Solid State Physics

Nonlinear Optics

Current research project

Functionalization of semiconductor using an amorphous nonlinear medium

Selected Publications

Rosemann, N. W., Eußner, J. P., Beyer, A., Koch, S.W., Volz, K., Dehnen, S., and Chatterjee, S.  "A highly efficient directional molecular white-light emitter driven by a continuous-wave laser diode." Science 352.6291 (2016): 1301-1304.


Rosemann, N. W., Eußner, J. P., Dornsiepen, E., Chatterjee, S., and Dehnen, S. "Organotetrel Chalcogenide Clusters: Between Strong Second-Harmonic and White-Light Continuum Generation." Journal of the American Chemical Society 138.50 (2016): 16224-16227.


Hille, P., Müßener, J., Becker, P., de la Mata, M., Rosemann, N.W., Magén, C., Arbiol, J., Teubert, J., Chatterjee, S., Schörnmann, J., and Eickhoff, M. "Screening of the quantum-confined Stark effect in AlN/GaN nanowire superlattices by germanium doping." Applied Physics Letters 104.10 (2014): 102104. 


Rosemann, N. W., Metzger, B., Kunert, B., Volz, K., Stolz, W., and Chatterjee, S. "Temperature-dependent quantum efficiency of Ga (N, As, P) quantum wells." Applied Physics Letters 103.25 (2013): 252105.


Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


Office: OHI 183-186