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EXCON 2022

The 13th International Conference on Excitonic and Photonic Processes in Condensed Matter and Nano Materials is postponed to 2023

The previous twelve EXCON conferences were held in Darwin, Australia (1994), Kurort Gohrisch, Germany (1996), Boston, USA (1998), Osaka, Japan (2000), Darwin, Australia (2002), Cracow, Poland (2004), Winston-Salem, USA (2006), Kyoto, Japan (2008), Brisbane, Australia (2010), Groningen, The Netherlands (2012) Montréal, Canada (2015) and Nara, Japan (2018). 

The latest EXCON2018 in Japan:

The name EXCON suggests that the conference is about excited states (often called excitons) in molecules, nanostructures and solids and their transformation into different forms of energy.

The conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum for mutual research communications between solid-state physicists, photo-physicists, photo-chemists and photo-biologists, material scientists, as well as device-oriented researchers from academia and industry.

A variety of excitonic and photonic phenomena in diverse materials from bulk materials to micro- and nanostructures, such as quantum dots, metallic antennas, atomic-layer materials, bio-materials, molecular materials, are covered in the conference.


About the conference


July 05 - July 08 (Tuesday-Friday), 2022

Conference chair:

Prof. Ivan Scheblykin, Chemical Physics, Lund University

Local organizing committee:

To be announced

International Advisory Committee:

To be announced

Program Advisory Board:

To be announced


Conference facilities in the centre of Lund, Sweden (to be updated)


It takes 35 min by train from Kastrup airport (Copenhagen, Danmark).