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Boris Louis

Research Interest

  • My main research focuses on the characterization of polymers at the single-molecule and/or nanoscale level via fluorescence microscopy and its derivates. My research is divided into two main sub-topic: 1) Characterization of polymer dynamics and polymer reptation by micro-rheology and/or particle tracking 2) Characterization of photo-physical properties of single conjugated polymer molecules by emission, excitation spectrum and lifetime measurement.

    During my research, I have been involved in the development of a STED microscope and a multiplane microscope which taught me a lot about optics and microscopy. In addition, I have been developing my own algorithm to analyse output images including particle detection, particle tracking, segmentation and other. I prefer evolving in an inter-disciplinary and international environment as I think it is the best environment to learn from and learn to others


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[2] Marina Gerhard, Boris Louis, Rafael Camacho, Aboma Merdasa, Jun Li, Alexander Kiligaridis,Alexander Dobrovolsky, Johan Hofkens, Ivan G. Scheblykin. Microscopic insight into non-radiative decay in perovskite semiconductors from temperature dependent luminescence blinking, Nature Communications, 2019

[1] Boris Louis, Stéphane Caubergh, Per-Olof Larsson, Yuxi Tian, Ivan G. Scheblykin, Light and Oxygen induce chain-scission of conjugated polymers in solution, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 3, 2018.

Boris Louis