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Eglė Bukartė

Research Interest

My research mainly focuses in exploring the light-harvesting and energy transfer in the systems of photosynthetic organisms, as well as understanding the overall energy flow scheme in intact photosynthetic systems, mainly photosynthetic bacteria, using electronic 2D spectroscopy technique.

Current Projects

  • Energy flow throughout entire photosynthetic unit of green non-sulfur bacteria Chloroflexus aurantiacus.
  • Generation of artificial signals in 2DES during high rep-rate experiments.

Former projects

  • Diversity of coherences and origin of electronic transitions of supermolecular nanoring
  • An atomistic approach to fluctuations of LH2 transitions energies
  • Vibronic coupling in chlorophyll type molecules
  • 2D electronic spectroscopy of porphyrin nanorings


Title: Discrimination of Diverse Coherences Allows Identification of Electronic Transitions of a Molecular Nanoring

Authors: V. Butkus, J. Alster, E. Bašinskaitė, R. Augulis, P. Neuhaus, L. Valkunas, H.L. Anderson, D. Abramavicius, D. Zigmantas

Journal: J. Phys. Chem. Lett.

Year: 2017


Title: Vibronic models for nonlinear spectroscopy simulations 

Authors: E. Bašinskaitė, V. Butkus, D. Abramavicius, L. Valkunas

Journal: Photosynthesis Research

Year: 2014

Eglė Bukartė


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