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Jens Uhlig

Research interests

Light induced dynamics

The development of sustainable, environmentally friendly, efficient, long living and scalable systems for solar energy harvesting is one of the biggest challenges of our time. My projects contribute to the solution of this challenge by investigating the light induced dynamics in molecules and nano particles.

See this recent review for an overview:

Table top x-ray spectroscopic setups

Science at large scale research facilities is while rewarding often challenging to incooperate into continuously developing projects as the research is done in "bursts" or beamtimes as they are often called. Many studies can however already be performed in table top setups. This project investigates such approaches with a focus on transient spectroscopy. Please visit this side for more information.

X-ray science

We focus on the study of dynamics using x-ray methodology. Please see this side for an overview of the techniques employed by the group. 

Current foci in this field:

  • employment of x-ray techniques for the study of charge transfer reactions and light induced dynamics in metal-organic complexes and Nano-particles.
  • development of low parametric structure optimization
  • table top spectroscopy (see above)

Jens Uhlig

Lektor (Assoc. Prof.)

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    Office:  0HI 183-186

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