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Jens Uhlig

Research interests

Jens is a Lektor at Chemical Physics interested in charge transfer dynamics and Phot catalysis. For more information on the research please visit the Uhlig group page.

As Lektor I am very active in teaching a variety of different courses. Current focus lays on Spectroscopy techniques, Kinetics and Data Analysis. Please see the menu to the right for more information.

I am also working on bringing my research to the public by developing outreach materials for all of my projects. Examples include the development of table top absorption and emission spectrometers for 12Euro/set or the simulation of processes using table calculation software (such as excel) that reaches from chemical kinetics over physics to neural networks. 

Jens Uhlig

Lektor (Assoc. Prof.)

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    Office:  0HI 183-186

    Phone:+46-46-22 27720


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