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Zigmantas Group


The Zigmantas group is mainly concerned with exploring functions and underlying ultrafast processes in natural and artificial light-harvesting and energy conversion systems using multidimensional spectroscopies.

Research Activities

  • Energy and electron transfer in photosynthetic complexes
  • Coherent dynamics in multichromophore systems
  • Energy dissipation in metal nanoclusters and hybrid molecular-metallic systems
  • Charge carrier dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures

Former Members

  • Eglė Bukartė
  • Marzo López Cerón
  • Lukas Wittenbecher
  • Pavel Kolesnichenko
  • Lukas Bruder
  • Alexa Carollo
  • Marco Schröter
  • Marcelo Alcocer
  • 김길석 (Kil Suk Kim)
  • Erling Thyrhaug
  • David Palec̆ek
  • Karel Žídek
  • Jakub Dostál
  • Jan Alster
  • Sunny Yoo
  • Ramunas Augulis
  • Justas Bujokas
  • Rokas Drevinskas

Current Collaborators