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LINXS XAS-School 2023 - Hands on training in Design, Performance and Analysis and of XAS experiments - NKE018F

Practical EXAFS and XANES,  

Hands on training in Design, Performance and Analysis and of XAS experiments 

Time:  Monday Mar 20th – Friday Mar 24th 2023 


The purpose of this course is to train new or early users to design, plan, prepare, perform and analyze an x-ray absorption spectroscopy experiment at a synchrotron beamline. The course contains three mayor elements: 

  • 17h Lectures/seminars including:
    • Creation, interaction and measurement with/of X-rays 
    • (Major focus) Concepts, Design and Analysis of XAS measurements 
    • Large scale facilities (Balder specifically), proposal and publication of scientific results 
  • 17h (Guided) Practical data analysis training. This analysis will be performed with freely available tools and is intended to prepare the future users for independent work. This practical work is performed on provided data chosen for a specific learning outcome which include: 
    • (Major Focus) EXAFS analysis of molecular and solid samples  
    • XANES analysis of molecular, solid and nano particulate samples 
    • Linear combination analysis in XANES/EXAFS of diverse mixed samples (earth, ash,…) and crystalline materials (e.g. CZTS) 
  • 7h (one Day) Practical (beamline) work including: 
    • Sample preparation 
    • Safety training 
    • MAXIV tour 
    • Measurement

The participants receive extended problems (about 12h working time) for continued work at the end of the initial one-week course. The analysis and discussion (guided by a consultation time) can be presented as home-exam to receive a certificate for 4 ETCS credits or a certificate of participation. 

Target Group: The Course is concepted for students at the PhD or Postdoctoral level with a Natural Sciences background.  

Course teachers: 

Jens Uhlig, Lector at Lund University at Chemical Physics.  

Lindsay Richard Merte, Senior Lector at Malmö University, Faculty of Technology and Society 

Kajsa Sigfridsson Clauss, Justus Just, Konstantin Klementiev,  Beamline Scientists at Balder and  

Susan Nehzati Postdoc at Balder  


Course: LINXS (Institute for X-ray and Neutron Science) and Chemical Center Lund University

Experiments: Balder Beamline at the MaxIV laboratories (Wednesday Mar 22nd )


Costs:  The course is free of charge for the participants. Due to logistical reasons, we limit the number of course participants to 30. We are planning to hold this course annually. Linxs will cover the costs for lunch and the course dinner.


Registration: Please fill out the inquiry on this page:

Deadline for registration: Feb 17th. The teachers will award the accessible places and inform you about your placement on the main or reserve list before February 20th.

Course announcement