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Yong Li

Dr. Yong Li is an experimental chemist with a specialization in inorganic chemistry. He completed his Ph.D. (2018-2023) at Lund University under the guidance of Prof. Ebbe Nordlander, focusing on the design and synthesis of organometallic catalysts for C-H bond oxidation. Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow associated with the Baranov group at Lund University, where he is working on the development of metal halide perovskites and composite materials for energy conversion systems.


Research Interest

  • Development and synthesis of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites for piezoelectric applications.

  • Creation and characterization of composite materials for wearable nanogenerators.

  • Exploration of energy conversion systems, with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability.

Yong Li


Office: OHI 192-195

Mobile: +46 0730563977