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Table Top X-ray Spectroscopy

A general overview about the employed X-ray based techniques can be found here

X-ray techniques

Table top ultra-fast x-ray spectroscopy

A large part of our research efforts is aimed to develop table-top systems capable of measuring x-ray spectra with sufficient time-resolution to perform these studies in-house. We have developed a x-ray plasma source based on a water that produces x-rays from the XUV to beyond 80 keV. We have developed detection technology that is capable to analyse spectra from x-ray absorption and x-ray emission with extreme efficiency in the range from >300eV to 10 keV with better 3eV at 6keV, which is sufficient for many applications. Our secret is the use of direct detection, energy dispersive schemes using CCD's and Microcalorimeter. A particular focus of these setup is the spectroscopy in the "tender" x-ray range from 1keV to 5keV including the science of sulfur and phosphor based polymers.

A good overview can be found in this paper:

Uhlig, Table-Top Ultrafast X-Ray Microcalorimeter Spectrometry for Molecular Structure. Physical Review Letters 110, 138302 (2013).

Novel Energy dispersive x-ray detection

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Hot (laser-plasma-xray production, the photo shows a waterjet with laser generated plasma) 

Warm (samples excited with light at room temperature, here ferrocene molecule as organo-metallic testing object)

Cold (Micro-calorimeter array operated at 80mK, direct energy dispersive device)

Waterjet with plasma and splash produced by the rapid thermal expansion