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Uhlig Group

General activity

The group of ass. prof. Jens Uhlig is focused on studying charge carrier dynamics and structural dynamics with x-ray - and optical methods. The group uses large scale facilities as well as develops novel in-house table top spectroscopy setup. Following the idea "seeing is believing" we use the element selectivity of hard and tender x-radiation to localize electronic and structural changes in complex molecular structures with the time-resolution of ultrafast lasers. We can thus follow light induced excitation and optimize charge transfer pathways.

The current research focus lays on intra and inter-structure charge transfer reactions. These can occure in Molecules or in nano-dimensioned light absorbing particles such as nanowires.

Current directions are:

  • Photo-electro-catalysis transfer  
  • Molecular charge transfer 


As this is a challenging topic the groups also works on creating methods and facilities to enable these measurements:

Methods available in the group (inhouse):

X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (XAS) 
X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES)
Transient optical absorption spectroscopy (TAS)

Methods that the groups uses and that are available at large scale facilities:
X-ray diffuse scatter (XDS)
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)


Find more information on the techniques here

Find more information on development of table top spectroscopy here

Find more information on the personal page from Jens Uhlig



Group leader

Dr. Jens Uhlig

PhD Students

Assoc. Prof. Jens Uhlig


Current Collaborators

Software Development

KiMoPack Kinetik Modelling Software




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